Did you know you can hint Office 365 login to use a predefined user account? This is interesting in some scenario's where you use multiple Office 365 environments and you want to make life a bit easier! https://www.office.com/login?login_hint=bram@contoso.onmicrosoft.com After entering the above URL in your browser, the login screen below is shown. This eliminates you... Continue Reading →

European Collaboration Summit 2019

Last week they did it again! Adis Jugo, Matthias Einig and Spence Harbar organized one of the big community events called European Collaboration Summit or #CollabSummit for short. This community driven conference has grown to a crowd of 2.000 people! My second year in a row I'm joining and I can say I'm a fan.... Continue Reading →

Power Platform Summit 2019

Wrapping up the Power Platform Summit 2019, first time I joined this interesting conference. It's more 3 conferences in 1 big conference. At the same time the organizers have the Power Platform Summit Europe, User Group Summit Europe and eXtreme365 Amsterdam. This brings a wide variety of people to the conference ranging from business, developers... Continue Reading →

European Collaboration Summit 2018

Today is the first day of the European Collaboration Summit (#CollabSummit) in Mainz, Germany. The event is sold out and is hosting 1.500 delegates. I was honored to present two sessions. Find the slide decks below, if you have any questions please reach out via comments or @bramdejager.

OneDrive for Business roadmap

[Update May 2 – updated roadmap based on feedback] OneDrive for Business workload supports the personal storage capability for users. It enables users to store work related personal files and easily share them with colleagues or external users. Offline synchronization is one of the many benefits OneDrive for Business is providing. With the introduction of... Continue Reading →

Deep Dive Office 365 API for SharePoint Sites service

Yesterday another DIWUG event! This is a monthly community event in The Netherlands. Albert-Jan Schot (Appie) did a presentation on the Office 365 Groups and I presented a session about the Office 365 API for SharePoint Sites service. You can find my slide deck on SlideShare, http://www.slideshare.net/bramdejager/deep-dive-into-office-365-apis-for-sharepoint-site-services. All demos together resulted in a single code... Continue Reading →

Office 365 licenses under the hood

Sometime you see Office 365 services for one user, but their colleague sitting next to them is not seeing this service?! Where can you find your assigned licenses to know which services you are able use? And where does your administrator assign these licenses? NOTE: please note this article is written on February 16, 2016.... Continue Reading →

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