European Collaboration Summit 2018

Today is the first day of the European Collaboration Summit (#CollabSummit) in Mainz, Germany. The event is sold out and is hosting 1.500 delegates. I was honored to present two sessions. Find the slide decks below, if you have any questions please reach out via comments or @bramdejager.

PowerApps: Build the next level PowerApp

Slide deck: PowerApps build the next level PowerApp – ECS 2018 – Bram de Jager

PowerApps is a powerful service which is part of Office 365 allowing people to build apps which run on most common device platforms, like Windows, iOS and Android. The true power is unleashed when integrating corporate data and create stunning visualization to quickly gain insights into the business processes. This session covers a brief overview of PowerApps but focuses more on integrating data into the app, visualizing this data via different controls like charts and interact with the data. The demo covers creating a PowerApp which exposes corporate data from different data sources. The user of the PowerApp can see the data based on charts and allows to make updates to the data. Handling the data and making updates to the data is covered during the introduction and demo giving you an overall basic training like session. After this session you can start building your own PowerApps!

  • Development
  • 400 – expert
  • SharePoint Online
  • PowerApps
  • Breakout Session (50 min)

Classify, Label and Protect your data with Azure Information Protection

Slide deck: Azure Information Protection – ECS 2018 – Bram de Jager

Companies have are loosing control of their data. How can we, as a company, work together with customers, partners, and vendors without having the risk of sharing confidential documents? How can we share sensitive information through email within and outside of my organization? In order to implement an information protection solution, you first need to understand what kind of information you need to protect; identifying your most critical assets is the first step in the data protection journey. Learn how you can leverage Azure Information Protection to enable secure sharing of information with employees, customers and partners in an easy and friction less way.

  • Business
  • 200 – intermediate
  • Security and compliance
  • SharePoint Online
  • Office Clients
  • Breakout Session (50 min)

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