How to download video offline from Office 365 Video

Office 365 Video is a media sharing solution which is part of Office 365. It allows users to upload, play, share, embed, group in channels and manage their videos. The feature which is currently missing is downloading a video.

Under the hood

To get to the part of downloading the video we need to understand what is happening under the hood of Office 365 Video. Videos are grouped in channels. For each channel a site collection is created. This is not shown to the end user but is mandatory information to actually download the video. All videos are uploaded to this site collection in an Assets library. This library is accessible via the browser!

Download the video

We know now that the videos are part of a Assets library. How do we know where this Assets library is located? This is fairly easy, because the name of the channel is the name of the site collection.

For example our channel is named “Corporate News”. The underlying site collection has the URL Via the settings menu we can navigate to “Site Contents” and click on the Assets library. Although the name is has a technical reference, thus not really readable. The Assets library name for the videos is “


Office 365 Video channel site contents

Luckily the URL to the Assets library is more straight forward

Downloading the video is simple, just select the video and use the context menu and click “Download”.

Office 365 Video assets library, download a video


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