OneDrive for Business roadmap

[Update May 2 – updated roadmap based on feedback]

OneDrive for Business workload supports the personal storage capability for users. It enables users to store work related personal files and easily share them with colleagues or external users.

Offline synchronization is one of the many benefits OneDrive for Business is providing. With the introduction of the Next Generation Sync Client this has become more stable and reliable!

The roadmap for OneDrive for Business is changing very rapidly. Below you will find a roadmap and related resources for the current roadmap. Although I try to get the list to reflect the current and upcoming releases, I cannot guarantee it is a 100% correct. Please comment if you have feedback!


2015 Q4

  • OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) release
  • Support for Office 365 OneDrive for Business (personal storage)

2016 Q1

  • Drive discovery and recent files view in browser client
  • Curate the "Share with Me" view
  • Windows 8.1 support (Windows OS support: 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
  • Improved setup + Seamless client migration
  • Sync any file type you want
  • Performance and reliability improvements
  • Streamlined Microsoft Account (MSA) creation
  • Auditing & Activity reporting
  • Deny list of file types for sync
  • Customer lockbox
  • External sharing domain allow/deny list
  • Link expiration IT controls

2016 Q2

  • DLP support for mobile apps (end of April)
  • PDF annotation support for Android (end of April)
  • Outlook Mobile iOS integration (early May)
  • iOS access to SharePoint Online files
  • Bandwidth throttling controls for sync
  • Office 2016 integration (rolling out during the course of the summer)
  • Pause Sync (rolling out during the course of the summer)

2016 Q4

  • Sync of shared folders (TAP program starts in Q3)
  • Sync of SharePoint document libraries (TAP program start in Q3)


The items below are committed by engineering but do not have a timeline yet. The planning is in progress.

  • Notifications
  • Extended Windows Explorer integration
  • SharePoint on-prem support for iOS
  • Android access to SharePoint Online files "Shared by Me" view
  • Removal of #, % blocked characters
  • Max path length increase
  • Differential and RMS sync support
  • AAD Conditional Access for NGSC


The roadmap is based on the following resources available.


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