Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 and more… [updated]

A bit more than a year ago Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 (RTM: 10/11/2012, GA: 2/28/2013). A couple of days ago Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (2/25/2014) is released, which include Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Exchange Server 2013. With regards to SharePoint the following links are useful: SharePoint Foundation 2013 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 Service... Continue Reading →


Hide “Fabulous 40” templates

The Fabulous 40 (a.k.a. Fab40 or Application Templates) are a set of 40 application templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. These were installed on a lot of SharePoint 2007 environments. When upgrading to SharePoint 2010 these templates become a challenge. The sites based on the Site Admin Templates (.STP) will be upgraded. After the upgrade... Continue Reading →

Approaches to migrating your service applications

While working my way through TechNet documentation, I came across this very interesting table! It describes supported methods for service application migration. The forth column shows the support for read-only database. You can find more information on read-only databases here: Run a farm that uses read-only databases (SharePoint Server 2010) []. Service application Database Supported... Continue Reading →

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