Did you know you can hint Office 365 login to use a predefined user account? This is interesting in some scenario's where you use multiple Office 365 environments and you want to make life a bit easier! https://www.office.com/login?login_hint=bram@contoso.onmicrosoft.com After entering the above URL in your browser, the login screen below is shown. This eliminates you... Continue Reading →

June 2019 release SharePoint Client Browser

Making sure the SharePoint Client Browser community tool keeps up to date with the releases of SharePoint Client Side Objects Model (CSOM) means I need to keep releasing too! This month is supporting the May 2019 SharePoint CSOM release. Updated CSOM release: SharePoint Online CSOM May 2019 – v16.1.9824.1200 (Microsoft release notes) You can download... Continue Reading →

European Collaboration Summit 2019

Last week they did it again! Adis Jugo, Matthias Einig and Spence Harbar organized one of the big community events called European Collaboration Summit or #CollabSummit for short. This community driven conference has grown to a crowd of 2.000 people! My second year in a row I'm joining and I can say I'm a fan.... Continue Reading →

May 2019 release SharePoint Client Browser

Again a new release of the SharePoint Client Browser community tool! This set of new releases covers all 4 products. Some general features are pushed into all 4 products, other specific updates only apply to a specific product due to the target platform. General feature updates: Added support for the new Microsoft Edge browser build... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Edge on Chromium, InPrivate mode command line

The new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium is coming close to releasing. Recently the preview builds are published (https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com). I'm running the Dev channel myself and it workes great! Pretty fast browsing experience and stable builds. Start Microsoft Edge in private mode: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\ msedge.exe https://bramdejager.wordpress.com -inprivate I wanted to support this browser in my... Continue Reading →

Power Platform Summit 2019

Wrapping up the Power Platform Summit 2019, first time I joined this interesting conference. It's more 3 conferences in 1 big conference. At the same time the organizers have the Power Platform Summit Europe, User Group Summit Europe and eXtreme365 Amsterdam. This brings a wide variety of people to the conference ranging from business, developers... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Amsterdam

Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft's big conference in the US for IT Implementer, IT Decision Maker, Data Professional, and Enterprise Developer is only once per year and not everybody gets the change to attend. That's why Microsoft brings you this free Microsoft Ignite | The Tour conference. The conference travels around the world and this week 2 full days (March 20-21)... Continue Reading →

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