Error installing SharePoint 2013 SP1 bits on Virtual Machine

As part of creating a developer virtual machine you need to install the SharePoint 2013 bits. Now with the release of Service Pack 1 you can install both SharePoint 2013 and Service Pack 1 in one run. But when I installed the software bits an exception was raised. Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    OfficeClassicSetup... Continue Reading →


Develop, Build, Package and Deploy Apps for Office 2013 with Visual Studio 2013–European Office 365 Connect

On April 1st and 2nd in Haarlem (The Netherlands) the first European Office 365 Connect took place. Speakers from over the world (like Dan Holme, Seb Matthews, Marc Reguera and many more) visited Haarlem and did sessions related to Office 365. I’ve done a session about Apps for Office together with Visual Studio 2013. This... Continue Reading →

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