Upcoming speaking engagements and discount on your tickets

The SharePoint Connections Amsterdam is almost here! Only 2 weeks left and I’m prepping my session on Developing SharePoint Apps. After the SharePoint Connections there is more to come with the European Office 365 Connect in The Netherlands and European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona where I’ll be presenting as well.

SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013

The SharePoint Connections will be held in The Meertvaart in Amsterdam on 19-20 November 2013. More information is found on the website or Twitter with #SPCon13.

Below my session on developing SharePoint Apps.

Developing SharePoint 2013 Apps with Visual Studio 2012 (Level 300 – Devoper)

The new SharePoint App Model provides different ways of building apps. As a developer you have to choose between development techniques, hosting options and more. This session discusses the architecture, various types of apps, application identity and permissions, and how to build these different types of apps.

The session contains demos covering building SharePoint-hosted apps, implementing SharePoint 2013 chrome control, setting the right permissions, and more with Visual Studio 2012.

Besides presenting, I’ll be on the Ask The Experts boot for questions. Come and say Hi!

European Office 365 Connect 2014

The first Office 365 conference in Europe is held on 28-29 January 2014 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. All about Office 365 including Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and much more. Check the website for more information and get discount when buying your ticket by using the promo code “GB243”. Follow Twitter via #O365Con14.

Speaker e-mail signature - Office 365 Connect

Develop, build, package, license and deploy apps for Office 2013 with Visual Studio 2012 (Level 300 – Developer)

Office apps have been around for a while, but things have changed with the introduction of Office 2013. A new App Model for Office 2013 provides apps that live both in the Office client and browser. Attend this session to discover what apps for Office are and how to create them using standards-based technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and XML.
The session covers different types of apps for Office 2013 like the task pane, content apps for Word, Excel and mail apps for Outlook. We’ll talk about how to develop, build, license and deploy Office apps. You will see demos cover creating apps with Visual Studio 2012 and deploying them for availability in the Office Store.

European SharePoint Conference 2014

It will take a while before this conference takes place, but it’s the 5-8 of May 2014 before you know it. This conference is in Barcelona, Spain and I’ll be talking about Hybrid SharePoint Apps. All sessions and speakers are on their website and follow the hashtag #ESPC14.

ESPC banner 2014

Developing Hybrid SharePoint Apps that Run On-Premise & in the Cloud (Level 300 – Developer)

With the new SharePoint App model running outside the SharePoint worker process it introduces new authentication models. As a developer you don’t want to build multiple versions of the same app implementing each authentication model separately. This session explains the differences between securing SharePoint apps with OAuth in Office 365 and S2S High Trust in on-premise deployments. You will learn how to build a single app that will run on-premise, online and hybrid SharePoint environments.


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  1. Hi Bram, you’re certainly landing some nice speaking engagements, best wishes in advance for SharePoint Connections, Office 365 conference, and next year at the European SharePoint Conference in 2014.

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