SharePoint Client Browser 1.0 released, bye bye preview!

Finally after 2 months I decided to build the 1.0 version of SharePoint Client Browser and released it to the community! Although the preview (beta) status did not prevent people from downloading it. The counter is currently set at 555 downloads since start of the project on the 2nd of July (only 2 months ago).

CodePlex project and download at

So what got changed? I guess almost everything changed from authentication support for default (username and password), SharePoint Online, anonymous and forms based all the way to almost complete coverage of the Client Side Object Model (CSOM). That’s a bit over the top, but the basics for Foundation are in the tool. New capabilities for future releases will focus on Server components like taxonomy.

Remote PowerShell for SharePoint Online and on-premise

A hidden gem is the PowerShell support. It’s very easy to start a PowerShell session and use CSOM within PowerShell. Meaning remote PowerShell for SharePoint Online (and on-premise of course).

How to?
  • Open SharePoint Client Browser
  • Add a new site collection
  • Select the site collection in the tree view
  • Click the PowerShell-button in the menu bar (or use the context menu)
  • Enter your password (if needed)
  • Start using CSOM in PowerShell

PowerShell support for CSOM PowerShell console with CSOM and SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Some highlights of the tool

Why do you want to use this tool? One reason should be enough, it allows you to speed up your development by providing insights into the CSOM. And much more…

  • Get insight in your site collection structure
  • Find hidden lists, items or documents
  • Discover artifact properties
  • Easily start PowerShell, via context menu, and run (scripted) queries against your remote site collection
  • Support for both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
  • Connect to on-premise or SharePoint Online (Office 365) site collections
  • No installer
  • Remote access from your desktop to site collection via Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
    • Can run remote, no need to run on the SharePoint server itself

SharePoint Client Browser for SharePoint 2013

7 thoughts on “SharePoint Client Browser 1.0 released, bye bye preview!

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  1. Excellent stuff, Bram! Glad to see so many improvements, already had a quick look at it today. Will use it more often and provide feedback / suggestions if I find anything

    See you in November @ SPConnections

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