DIWUG: Extending the My Site activity feed with external blog posts

Yesterday enjoyed another DIWUG user group meeting and presented the Extending the My Site activity feed with external blog posts. You can find the presentation here and I’ll make sure to create a Codeplex project soon. For now you can download the sources here.

DIWUG thanks again for arranging the event and Sogetti thanks for hosting.

Download PowerPointDownload

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  1. Roger Beckers

     /  December 3, 2012

    Hallo Bram, Hi Bram,

    Tried to find your email or a contact form on your website but i oculdnt find one. So im using this Reply form :). Maybe you have an idea how to solve this problem:


    Im trying to change the path of the SharePoint site link but it seems its hardcoded to always use c:\users\%username% this doesnt work in my citrix farm as that path is locked (using RES powerfuse). After a lot of searching and testing (reg keys / group policy / redirecting) i cant get it to work. I think the default path is somewhere hidden in de sharepoint settings on the server. Maybe you can assist me.

    Thanks in advance / bedankt alvast,

    Roger Beckers


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