Get features grouped by solution package

I needed an overview of all features related to their solution package. This can be achieved by using PowerShell. Because this could be useful for others as well, here is the script.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ea 0 foreach ($grp in Get-SPFeature | Group-Object SolutionId) { $sol = Get-SPSolution -Identity $grp.Name Write-Host $sol.Name '(ID:' $grp.Name '), Count:' $grp.Count -ForegroundColor Blue foreach ($fd in $grp.Group | sort DisplayName ) { Write-Host $fd.DisplayName '(' $fd.Scope ')' } Write-Host }

The output looks like this

Output PowerShell ISE

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  1. Get all feature of a given solution package | John Bontjer

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