Visio Services application development

Most people will know Visio as a client application for drawing diagrams like the Network Diagram, Floor Plan or Flowcharts. SharePoint 2010 introduced Visio as a server component with which diagrams drawn in Visio 2010 can easily be displayed within SharePoint and integrated into webpages. This article discusses the new Visio Services service application and... Continue Reading →


Get features grouped by solution package

I needed an overview of all features related to their solution package. This can be achieved by using PowerShell. Because this could be useful for others as well, here is the script. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ea 0 foreach ($grp in Get-SPFeature | Group-Object SolutionId) { $sol = Get-SPSolution -Identity $grp.Name Write-Host $sol.Name '(ID:' $grp.Name '), Count:'... Continue Reading →

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