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  1. Hi Bram,

    thanks for sharing your findings. For many users this is sad news, however. If I understand you correctly, there is no chance we’ll ever see a third party solution to bulk-edit Managed Metadata fields in hosted environments like Office 365 unless Microsoft decides to develop and deploy such a thing centrally as a farm solution. (Or as a regular feature in the next release of SharePoint). Correct?

    How do you cope with this limitation in real-life projects? Sure, there’s “Batch Edit” as an add-on available on Codeplex but it has its shortcomings too.

    Best regards from Mannheim, Germany
    René Fritsch

    • Bram de Jager

       /  March 13, 2012

      Hi René,

      I agree in the current version this will not be solved. Making changes to MMS fields can only be done via Farm Solutions (not available on O365/MSO). I performed the research because we needed to know whether we were able to do this via a short term (sandboxed) solution. The simple answer was NO. Due to this we updated the current farm solution and needed to wait until the next maintenance window to deploy.


  2. Joel Dsouza

     /  October 14, 2015

    Hi Bram,

    I have a requirement where users drag and drop files to a SharePoint library and the files are checked out by default. This is because a taxonomy field exists which is a mandatory field. Since i cant update the taxonomy field using a sandboxed solution, is there any other way to update a taxonomy field when users drag and drop documents?


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