Default User Profile properties

In my previous post Retrieve User Profile information and display all properties in simple webpart I provided a web part showing all user profile properties and values of a user account.

Today I needed the out-of-the-box (OOB) list of all profile properties. Below the full list of all properties.

[Update: link to TechNet article Default user profile properties (SharePoint Server 2010) and Default user profile property mappings (SharePoint Server 2010)]

Displayname Name Value
Section: Basic Information
Id UserProfile_GUID
Active Directory Id ADGuid
Account name AccountName
First name FirstName
Phonetic First Name SPS-PhoneticFirstName
Last name LastName
Phonetic Last Name SPS-PhoneticLastName
Name PreferredName
Phonetic Display Name SPS-PhoneticDisplayName
Work phone WorkPhone
Department Department
Title Title
Job Title SPS-JobTitle
Manager Manager
About me AboutMe
Personal site PersonalSpace
Picture PictureURL
User name UserName
Quick links QuickLinks
Web site WebSite
Public site redirect PublicSiteRedirect
Data source SPS-DataSource
MemberOf SPS-MemberOf
Dotted-line Manager SPS-Dotted-line
Peers SPS-Peers
Ask Me About SPS-Responsibility
SIP Address SPS-SipAddress
My Site Upgrade SPS-MySiteUpgrade
Don’t Suggest List SPS-DontSuggestList
Proxy addresses SPS-ProxyAddresses
Hire date SPS-HireDate
Display Order SPS-DisplayOrder
Claim User Identifier SPS-ClaimID
Claim Provider Identifier SPS-ClaimProviderID
Claim Provider Type SPS-ClaimProviderType
Last Colleague Added SPS-LastColleagueAdded
Outlook Web Access URL SPS-OWAUrl
Saved Account Name SPS-SavedAccountName
Saved SID SPS-SavedSID
Resource Forest SID SPS-ResourceSID
Resource Forest Account Name SPS-ResourceAccountName
Object Exists SPS-ObjectExists
Master Account Name SPS-MasterAccountName
Distinguished Name SPS-DistinguishedName
Source Object Distinguished Name SPS-SourceObjectDN
Last Keyword Added SPS-LastKeywordAdded
Section: Contact Information
Work e-mail WorkEmail
Mobile phone CellPhone
Fax Fax
Home phone HomePhone
Office Office
Office Location SPS-Location
Time Zone SPS-TimeZone
Assistant Assistant
Section: Details
Past projects SPS-PastProjects
Skills SPS-Skills
Schools SPS-School
Birthday SPS-Birthday
Status Message SPS-StatusNotes
Section: Delegation
Section: Newsfeed Settings
Interests SPS-Interests
Email Notifications SPS-EmailOptin
Section: Custom Properties

5 thoughts on “Default User Profile properties

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    1. Dear dlgross, when looking into both profile properties it seems they serve the same purpose. Both are a string (single value) property. The Job Title (SPS-JobTitle) is mapped to the AD title attribute, but is not shown anywhere in the user interface. The Title (Title) field is not mapped to the AD, but it is shown in the Edit Details page and shows the updates in the Newsfeed. The interesting part is when running synchronization both properties get provisioned with the same value from the AD title attribute. The actual value in the Job Title (SPS-JobTitle) property is an metadata field and adds the value to the Keywords (folksonomy) termset.

  1. So how is Title populated, is it a build in function that just takes data from SPS-JobTitle and populate Title? and is it a build in function, that you cannot change?

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